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Catalogue of Photography 1999-2013 by Unni Pulikkal S. (2014)
A VIDEO ON ‘EVOLUTION’ – A Catalogue of Photography








Diptychs – A Cultural Study
A monograph of photographic diptychs by Unni Pulikkal S. ( 2016)
102 pages, 28 x 20 cm, four colour, limited edition.

Diptych monograph







Two in One
A monograph of Photographic Diptychs by Unni Pulikkal S. (2011)








Damsels from Heaven
A Catalogue of Indian Butterfly Photographs by Unni Pulikkal S. (2007)








Rhapsody in Abstraction
Catalogue of Contemporary Photographs and photo-montages by Unni Pulikkal S. (2009)








Catalogue of Photography: 1999 – 2019
Custom printed by Unni Pulikkal on archival paper, and hand-bound.
Unique edition. 28 cm L. x 23 cm W. x 7 cm D. 382 pages. Signed on 28 Nov. 2010.






Black & White Portfolio
Catalogue of B&W photographs by Unni Pulikkal S.  done during 2000 – 2010
31 x 33 cm, 60 pages, Limited Edition








Berlin Series
Catalogue of photographs by Unni Pulikkal S. done during 2011 – 2013
Contains five portfolios: ‘Seeing Dali’, ‘Street Life’, ‘Abstract Berlin’, ‘Man-Machine-Civilization’ & ‘Pictorial Berlin’
31 x 33 cm, 70 pages, Limited Edition








‘Photographic Diptychs: A Cultural Study’ ( Documentary video)
Done as part of the fellowship project for the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. It deals with the theory of photographic diptychs and a community-based study on how people interpret them.






The Tongue: A Video Art Project
Created in March of 2020 and titled The Tongue’ (നാവ്), Unni Pulikkal S’s video was suggested by his original two-dimensional mixed media painting of the same name. The artwork reconstructs a human tongue with coronoid shapes simulating taste buds. The video investigates the psychological, intellectual and social implications of this organ’s vital use during the Corona pandemic – to alleviate pain, to signify human bonds and to stimulate creativity.







FOLIAGE: A Photographic Appreciation of Leaves
This is a photographic project about the ethereal beauty of the leaves by Unni Krishnan Pulikkal, Kerala, India. Beginning from January 2020, he has been working on this project with a large format Deardorff Camera and 5 x4 in film. This video is an introduction to the ongoing project.