As a continuation of my long engagement with painting and graphic arts, I discovered photography in 1995. I believe my interest in photography was the result of my longing for a more realistic documentation of the India’s topography, nature, and the people through an Indian eye. I wanted to work within India’s intricate cultural fabric of which I am a part.   My interests have progressed from photographing social and natural documentaries and landscapes to creative photo-montages and abstraction. I am currently engaged with projects based on the virgin as well as man-modified landscapes, and photo-based conceptual art. I do not intend to construct conscious narratives in my work. I focus on subtle sensory experiences that lie hidden in the land, in life, and in the intangibles of the metaphysical realm.  I see myself as a purveyor of those unique experiences to my fellowmen in exchange for the currency of their happiness.

My color work is on digital systems. I create archival pigment prints in my studio. My prints are often subjected to physical manipulations such as over-painting, pigment toning, and other formal alterations. As an analogue practitioner, I work with half-a-century-old large format Deardorff Field Camera, gifted to me by my mentor Herbert Ascherman Jr., of Cleveland, Ohio, USA.  I work on both 4 x 5 and 8×10 sheet films and contact print with historic photographic processes like Cyanotype and Platinum-Palladium on archival cotton rag papers.
Dr. Unni Krishnan Pulikkal S.
2021, India